An Honest Review of Mobycy – A Bicycle Sharing Service

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Recently I have seen a lot of green-colored bicycles outside metro stations in Gurgaon. Being curious, I could not stop myself from taking a closer look at one such bicycle parked just outside the exit gate of my office premises.

Ready To Ride Mobycy
Ready To Ride Mobycy

These bicycles belong to a startup Mobycy, which provides a dockless bicycle sharing service, letting one hire a bicycle from any public place just by downloading their app and scanning the QR code on the bicycle.

how to use mobycy

Intrigued, I decided to try out the service immediately and within 5-10 minutes was ready to paddle past the traffic. Here is my brief take on Mobycy’s service based on my first ride.

What I Liked About Mobycy

  1. Easy Accessibility: Since it is a dockless service, you can find the bicycles parked in any public place- there are no designated parking spots that you have to walk to. They also show cycles near you on the map in the app. I have also noticed that they keep a good number of bicycles near busy metro stations.
  2. Easy To Get Started: Onboarding process is quite simple. Download the app, upload identity proof, add Paytm and pay a security deposit of ₹399/-, scan the QR code on the bicycle and Voila! Bicycle unlocked! In order to end the trip you just need to lock the cycle again.
  3. Affordable: At ₹5/- for 30 minutes, the service is very affordable.
  4. Last Mile Connectivity: This is a good option for last mile connectivity from Metro stations.

What Mobycy Need To Work On/Challenges Mobycy Might Face

  1. Indian roads are not bicycle friendly.
  2. UI could be more polished. e.g. I added 399/- deposit through Paytm but the app shows my current Paytm balance and not the security deposit.
  3. App doesn’t calculate the distance accurately. I rode the bicycle for ~1.5 Kms but the app shows 0 m.
    ride details
  4. ₹399/- security deposit is on the higher side especially when you can withdraw it for free only once. After that, if you again decide to use the service and hence pay a security deposit, you will have to pay a ₹50/- fee to withdraw that.

I am not sure if such a service is already available in other cities in India. I have seen similar services in New Zealand though.

Overall, I am excited about all the tech innovation happening in the transportation sector and I am optimistic that our traffic woes could be a thing of past!


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2 thoughts on “An Honest Review of Mobycy – A Bicycle Sharing Service”

  1. Hi Guys,
    Just Want to say, never ever fall in the net of the fraudsters – MOBYCY.
    I was using the services for few days and in the beginning it was good. I was getting charged for whatever services I was using.
    But later on they started charging and deducting money from my paytm wallet even if I am not using the service. After you end the ride, they deduct good amount of money from your wallet and when you log a complain against your deduction, Customer care representative will not talk to you properly and they won't even provide you a solution or the reason behind your deduction.


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