I’m Anshul Dixit.

I have 10+ years of experience in data analytics and product management and have worked with some of the global brands like Deloitte ConsultingFacebook, Amazon & Saavn in the past. I am currently employed with Uber working on some interesting data projects.

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My hobbies include reading books (preferably in a quiet corner of a coffee shop) and watching movies.

I love to read and talk about startup ecosystems. I started an online book rental service in Gurgaon and Kanpur – BookWorms – and scaled it up to 600 paid members before shutting it down.

I document my personal opinion and experiences on this website, which you can read here.


  • Boardgames
  • Blogging
  • World History


  • Place: Iceland
  • Book: When Breath Becomes Air
  • Movie: Lord Of The Rings


  • Plan your day in the morning
  • Be organized
  • Have a hobby that helps you switch off your brain completely from work
  • Learn basic skills – cooking, swimming, driving, jump-starting your car, etc


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Note: The opinions expressed on this site are mine and do not represent those of my employers (past or present). You won’t find any confidential company information here, and while you’re welcome to get in touch with me, I’m afraid I can’t put you in contact with my employers, past or present.