Why Exit Polls Lie?

Yesterday (19th May 2016) assembly election results for 4 states in India were announced. In Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa’s party AIADMK proved the exit polls wrong by coming to power second term in a row. This is not a first, various elections in the past have revealed the inaccuracies in the exit polls. Who can forget … Read more

Jasleen Kaur’s Case- People, Media, Police & Politicians

If you are on Facebook, chances are you read about the alleged eve teasing incident reported by one Jasleen Kaur against a guy Sarvjeet Singh. In case you are not aware of the issue, I’ll quickly bring you up to speed by quoting directly from The Hindu:   A 20-year-old Delhi University student was allegedly … Read more

4 Lessons I Learned At Facebook

1st Jul, 2015 was my last day at Facebook. Over the period of 4 years that I spent at Facebook, I learned a lot, mainly: It’s OK to make mistakes. It’s OK to fall on your face and rise again. To the new leads and managers out there, give your team the confidence that you … Read more