7 Tips to Optimize SQL Queries

Have you ever stared at your computer screen wondering why it is taking so long for your SQL query to run? You are not alone in this universe, we all have been through such situations quite often. Of those, a few have been lucky to get help from their colleagues and seniors in understanding the … Read more

Why Exit Polls Lie?

Yesterday (19th May 2016) assembly election results for 4 states in India were announced. In Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa’s party AIADMK proved the exit polls wrong by coming to power second term in a row. This is not a first, various elections in the past have revealed the inaccuracies in the exit polls. Who can forget … Read more

Jasleen Kaur’s Case- People, Media, Police & Politicians

If you are on Facebook, chances are you read about the alleged eve teasing incident reported by one Jasleen Kaur against a guy Sarvjeet Singh. In case you are not aware of the issue, I’ll quickly bring you up to speed by quoting directly from The Hindu:   A 20-year-old Delhi University student was allegedly … Read more

4 Lessons I Learned At Facebook

1st Jul, 2015 was my last day at Facebook. Over the period of 4 years that I spent at Facebook, I learned a lot, mainly: It’s OK to make mistakes. It’s OK to fall on your face and rise again. To the new leads and managers out there, give your team the confidence that you … Read more