Moving Out Sale (Hyderabad)

After spending 6 years in Hyderabad, it’s time to bid adieu to this amazing city that has become my second home. Over these 6 years, I have bought a few things, some of which I am planning to sell before I leave Hyderabad. Please see the details below.

Note: All items need to be picked up from Silpa Park, Kondapur (Landmarks: KIMS Hospital, Sofa World, Kondapur Masjid, More Supermarket)


Samsung 190L Single Door Fridge [SOLD]

Samsung 190L FridgeModel: DC190L RR1915CCASA
Bought In: Apr 2014

Buying Price: Rs 13,360/- (original bill available)
Current Market Price: Rs 12,900/- (Link)

Asking Price: Rs 8,000/-

Note: Fridge magnets are not a part of this deal 😉

The Positives:

  • Still under warranty (warranty will expire in April 2016)
  • Not much used
  • I’ll throw in Fridge stand (shown in the pic) for free 🙂

The Negatives:

  • None 🙂

Bajaj Dessert Cooler [NOT AVAILABLE]

Model: DC2012cooler
Bought In: Apr 2013

Buying Price: ~Rs 8,000/-
Current Market Price: Rs 7,919/- (Link)

Asking Price: Rs 3,500/-

The Positives:

  • In good working condition
  • I’ll throw in Cooler stand (shown in the pic) for free 🙂
  • Good air throw capacity, perfect for big rooms
  • Good water tank capacity, once filled runs for the entire night (8-10 hrs)

The Negatives:

  • Small crack on the back side of cooler body
  • There was some water leakage which I fixed by applying M-seal

Fiber Table & Chair

Bought In: May, 2014 

Buying Price: ~Rs 1,200/-

Asking Price: Rs 750/-

The Positives:

  • Table is detachable

The Negatives:

  • None 🙂

Cane Bookshelf

Bought In: Sep, 2013 bookshelf

Asking Price: Rs 750/-

The Positives:

  • Very sturdy

The Negatives:

  • None 🙂

Large Bean Bag [SOLD]

Bought In: Sep, 2013 

Asking Price: Rs 600/-

The Positives:

  • Filled it with extra beans so very comfortable

The Negatives:

  • A couple of small cuts which have been stitched (hence such a low asking price)

Symphony Small Room Cooler

Bought In: May, 2013 symphony cooler

Buying Price: Rs 4,999/- (original bill available)
Current Market Price: Rs 5,199/- (Link)

Asking Price: Rs 2,700/-

The Positives:

  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry

The Negatives:

  • Water pump is missing, it will cost you around 150-200 rupees in the market

Home Republic Collapsible Shoe Rack [SOLD]

Bought In: Jul 2014 IMG_20151231_104925572

Buying Price: Rs 981/- (original bill available)
Current Market Price: No longer available

Asking Price: Rs 700/-

The Positives:

  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be washed
  • Hold up to 10 pairs of shoes
  • Side pockets for polish, brush etc
  • Front covered

The Negatives:

  • None 🙂

5L Cylinder with Burner on Top

12465546_932145496841370_120822334_oBought In: Jul 2012

Asking Price: Rs 250/-

Note: The cylinder has some gas left, I last used it in Jan 2015.

How To Purchase

If you are interested in any of the items, please drop me a note using the form below, or contact me on +91-9000-678-070 (you can also Watsapp me on this number). I am also available on Facebook.

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